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    Stainless Steel Cable & Wire Rope Assemblies
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    Wire Rope and Cable End Fittings : Thimbles, Sleeves, Stops and more
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    Nylon and Vinyl Extruded / Coated Cable
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    Design Your Coated Cable with Custom Color Options
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    Aircraft Cable Assemblies
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    ISO 9001:2008 & MIL-Spec Grade Strength

Your Leader in Engineered Cable Assemblies and Extrusion

Sanlo Inc. is a leading manufacturer of custom cable assemblies in a wide variety of bare and coated cable configurations. Coatings include nylon, vinyl, and other thermoplastic and/or specialized coatings. A full line of cable end fittings are available to meet your specific application. Wire rope and mechanical cable assemblies provide a simple, reliable, and cost-effective solution to an ever-increasing diversity of applications. We manufacture and sell cable assemblies for industrial, commercial, and consumer end uses. We offer on-site engineering services that specialize in custom design and can often prototype your assembly during our visit! Sanlo is a member of the Central Wire Industries (CWI) group of companies.

Design Your Cable Assembly
Our Products

We engineer all our cable assemblies with the utmost precision. Each Sanlo product passes through our plant in the United States in order to ensure the highest product standards.

Sanlo provides Made in America products via Strand Core, its sister CWI company. Strand Core is an industry leading DOMESTIC "Made in USA" wire rope manufacturer from "Melt Stage" to "Finished Assemblies".

SANLO sources resin and most fittings from domestic sources to enusre coated mechanical cable assemblies are 100% truly American made from metal to finished product. SANLO FULLFILLS YOUR "MADE IN USA" DOMESTIC CABLE CONSUMPTION REQUIREMENTS

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